Finding the best attorney to take your DWI case

You can drink and drive if the blood alcohol concentration is within the legal limit, which is 0.08. However, it is a fact that the limit of blood alcohol concentration of 0.8 is fairly easily reached when you drink. That is why in almost cases of drinking and driving, drivers are booked for a DWI or DUI case, if they are caught by the police. As the police pulls over your car, he would make you undergo a breathalyzer test. The test confirms whether the alcohol concentration in your blood is within 0.8 or not. If it is more than that you are booked for a DWI or a DUI. There is no escape from it. This is especially true for states like Texas which follow a Zero Tolerance policy towards drinking and driving.

Penalties for DWI or DUI

Drivers are penalized if they are booked for a DWI or a DUI. Though the implication of a DWI or a DUI may vary from state to state, overall a DWI or a DUI involves harsh penalties. However, the nature and quantum of penalty depends to a large extent on the degree of offence and the age of the offender.

Teenage DWI and DUIdrinking and driving illegally

If a teenager is booked for drinking and driving illegally, he or she would get penalized. However, the degree of penalty for teenagers is often lesser than that for adults. A teenager, i.e a person under the age of 21 may not need to serve a jail sentence at all if he or she is booked under a DWI or a DUI. He may be penalized with a fine of few hundred dollars and his drivers’ license may be suspended for a few days. He may also need to compulsorily attend alcohol awareness classes. However, if he is a repeat offender       he may also be made to undergo a jail sentence or at least a hefty fine may be imposed on him.

Adult DWI and DUI

In case of adult drivers, however, the penalties are not so lenient. An adult driver accused of DWI or a DUI may need to serve a jail sentence, if the accident has caused an injury to another person.

Things to do after committing a DUI or DWI offence

As soon as you are aware that you have committed DWI or a DUI offence, you need to contact a dwi attorney Houston. Texas is infamous for its Zero Tolerance Policy towards drinking and driving. This is why you need to contact the attorney forthwith and abide by his terms. This way the attorney would be able to reduce your degree of offence to some extent. The attorney would try to do his best so that you are not booked for a DWI or DUI in the first place. This can be the best thing in case of a drinking and driving incidence. To ensure this you need to contact the best dwi lawyer in houstontexas. They are skilled and experienced in the art of saving their clients from ignominious penal terms.