What to do when you get a DWI

In Texas, the laws regarding drunk driving are harsh. If you are booked for DWI or DUI, you have tough time ahead. Considering that you are just booked for a DWI or DUI occasion and there is no accident or mishap, your case is almost certain to land in a court. So, first of all you need to find an attorney who deals in DWI/DUI cases. But,how to find the best DWI attorney? What are the qualities of a good DWI attorney?

The DWI/DUI cases are complicated ones and involve a lot of procedures and arguments and counter arguments. The lawyer may need to bring up a motion to forbid an evidence from being used against you. This is a special provision that not many attorneys are skilled at using.  So the first thing you need to do, when you get a DWI in Texas, is to find a good DWI attorney in Texas.

Your responsibility

Whether it is your first time or second time, you have to drive responsibly. Otherwise, the law would take its own course and you may even have to spend 10 years behind the bars. You may even be slapped with felony. So beware of irresponsible driving practices like speeding, lane changes etc. Your punishment depends on factors like accident causing grievous injuries, deaths, damage to property, simple traffic violations etc. You can see that ultimately it’s your driving demeanor that determines the level of penalty you would be made to pay. So if you are booked for the first time, it is high time that you get your lessons straight about how to drive more safely.

Find a good lawyer

Now that you are booked for DWI or DUI and that too in Texas, you need to represent your case well in the court. The level of penalty, the type of penalty, suspension of driver’s license, charge of felony, imprisonment and its tenure, payment of fine and its extent, everything depends on how the DWI lawyer represents your case in the court. So, finding the right Houston DWI lawyer is the foremost job in the aftermath of being booked under

DWI or DUI. Without a good lawyer, your employment or profession is likely to be impacted severely.

Impact on your employment or profession

Being booked under DWI or DUI may have severe impact on your employment or business. Even if it is your first time, you are almost certain to lose your driver’s license for some time to come. So how do you commute on those days? Take a cab or wait for the bus. So it is a trade off between cost and being late to work. But that is not the only trouble. Some employers do have a bond that if you are convicted for anything, you are liable to be terminated. If your employer does have such a condition, you are likely to be terminated. If you are a professional such as a plumber, a midwife, a nursing practitioner or a doctor, you are likely to lose your professional license for some time. So, for that duration you would not be able to practice your trade.